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Most frequently asked questions and answers

MLTees has a supply of letters from many New Jersey schools, and we can get many more. Please email us and let us know your specific needs. If we don’t have it on hand, we’ll try to get it!

Yes, we can use practically anything for the front. We may have to make the pillow larger to accommodate the size of your number, but that’s not a problem. We’ll coordinate the colors for your team.

If you provide the letter or if we have it in stock, the turnaround time is approximately two to three weeks. If we have to special order a letter, it will take longer.

The base price of a pillow, including the letter and pillow form is $75. Personalization on the back is an additional fee and the price depends on the text or the graphic. 

Send/bring us everything you have and we’ll sort it out together. We can combine logos from different places into one square to maximize use. We’ll help design a layout that you will love!

Yes! Buttons, zippers, and other “extras” look really cute and add a nice dimension on the finished quilt. Fasteners will no longer function once they are sewn onto the quilt, zippers won’t zip, and buttons are permanently buttoned.

Photos can be added in many ways. Add a photo on a square, or combine two or three photos on one square. Simply email a high quality jpeg image to info@mltees.com. An additional charge may apply depending on the number of photos.

Sure! We are happy to let our design professionals select the sashing and fleece colors that will look best with your quilt or pillow.

Yes, let us know the quantity and we’ll get back to you with our prices.

Yes, we can send you a sample via the USPS. Just let us know which color(s) you’d like to preview.

If you live in the Summit New Jersey area, you can bring your materials to us. If not, please email us at info@mltees.com, so we can discuss color choices, layout, deadlines, and shipping. It’s easy!

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