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When my oldest son was graduating from high school, I wanted to mark the occasion with a special gift. A t-shirt quilt seemed like a useful and practical way to capture his favorite activities and interests and some special memories, and would be a fun conversation piece to bring to college. His quilt included shirts from his grammar, middle and high schools, various level sports teams ranging from kindergarten t-ball to varsity squash, a favorite vacation, a church mission trip, concerts, his college, a square from his favorite sheets, and even a shirt with our town’s zip code. When he opened the gift at a party, someone asked if I could make one for their child. I did, the word spread, the requests kept coming in, and the business was born!

Eight years into MLTees, Patti, a favorite customer for whom I had made three quilts, asked if I could make a pillow out of a souvenir t-shirt from a vacation. It was fabulous! Patti then had the brilliant idea of taking her kids’ varsity letters (off their respective bulletin boards, where most high school letters reside!) and actually using them in an interesting and creative way – voilà, the pillow business was born!

Now, over 10 years since that first quilt, Patti and I are partners in the quilt and pillow business. Our quilt line has grown to include keepsake crib blankets (quilts from your babies’ favorite outfits or other materials are combined into a crib-size blanket and trimmed in satin – to be used and passed on for generations), memory blankets (any piece of clothing or material can be used to make a quilt to keep a loved one’s memory close), and theme quilts (marathons, vacation destinations, concerts, etc.). The possibilities are truly endless.

The pillow business has expanded as well. In addition to school letters, we have used favorite t-shirts, and have also created memory pillows with a favorite shirt of a loved one. With embroidered personalization on the front and/or the back, the pillows are a perfect gift for graduates, team captains, and coaches, to create a special memory, or to comfort someone in a time of sadness.

Obviously there are other vendors of both t-shirt quilts and pillows, but no other offers the quality of MLTees. Our personalized service and attention to detail set us apart. We use only superior materials in our products – Kona cotton sashing to separate and show off the squares, and plush, high-density fleece on the backs. The quilts and pillows are cozy and warm treasures that will last for years and years. There is no customization, personalization or special request that we can’t provide or accommodate. We want your purchase to be as unique as you can imagine!

If you have an idea and don’t see it on our website, please contact us, we’d love to create it for you! Thanks so much for visiting our site. We hope to hear from you soon.

Mary Lee and Patti

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